All about SEZ infrastructure

The Special Economic Zones (SEZs) Policy was announced in April 2000 with a view to attract larger foreign investments to create world-class infrastructure for development, operation, maintenance and stable fiscal regime.

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Infrastructure Planning for Townships

In any large-scale public or private housing township development, physical infrastructure such as earthworks, roads, drains, sewers and utilities are critically needed not only to enable the physical development of but also support modern community living in the new housing estates. In fact, no development can function properly and effectively without the timely provision of adequate infrastructural facilities and public utilities. Comprehensive and well-coordinated Infrastructure planning is a prerequisite in developing a new town or housing estate and is carried out in tandem with the master town planning and well in advance of any physical developments. It serves to establish the full infrastructure requirements and guide their timely implementation thereby ensuring quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the infrastructure provisions for the proposed development.

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Smart solutions in India: A step towards developing SMART CITIES

"Smart cities Improve Lives"

"Smart Cities focus on the most pressing needs and on the greatest opportunities through careful planning."

Smart Cities embrace ideas that have been proven elsewhere and customize them to meet genuine local needs. In turn, these efforts serve as exemplars, showing the way for others to follow.

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Best Environmental Practices in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector and especially hospitals account for a massive,but often neglected and sometimes even ignored impact on the environment and face high costs for  energy consumption, water and disposal of wastes. We know that climate change has the capacity to produce severe consequences for human health.

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Located in South Mumbai, 175-bed Breach Candy Hospital which started off as a humble nursing home in the 1950’s has expanded to become one of the most recognised multi-specialty tertiary care units in the country.

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Before the onset of Paediatrics as an independent discipline, childcare was limited to using adult medication on to children, who were seen merely as mini versions of adults. In 1929, Sir Ness Wadia and Sir Cusrow Wadia built The Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children, in memory of their mother Bai Jerbai Wadia. Emerging as India’s first specialized Paediatrics hospital, it was dedicated exclusively to healthcare for children.

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Head & Neck Cancer Hospital, Mazgaon, Mumbai

The Cancare Trust in conjunction with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is undertaking the development of a speciality hospital under a Public Private Partnership arrangement. The hospital is intended for treatment of cancers grouped as Head & Neck cancers i.e. cancers of the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, the para-nasal sinuses, the salivary glands and the thyroid. In addition, the hospital shall also provide diagnostic services and treatment for Women’s cancers.

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IGBC Green Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS)

IGBC Green MRTS rating system is a voluntary and consensus based programme. The rating system has been developed with the support of IGBC Green MRTS Steering Committee.
The rating system is a tool to enable new Rail based MRTS to apply green concepts during design & construction, so as to further reduce environmental impacts that are measurable. The overarching objective of IGBC Green MRTS Rating is to ensure environmental sustainability, while enhancing commuter experience.

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