Key Success Factors for a Turnkey Construction Project

 A turnkey contract is a business arrangement in which a project is delivered in a completed state. Rather than contracting with an owner to develop a project in stages, the development manager or the turnkey solution provider is hired to finish the entire project including design, construction, PMC.

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Benefits of End to End Project Management Services

  1. Single point of accountability for Design and Construction within agreed Budget, Specification and Quality parameters is established.

  2. Client’s team involvement is reduced to a bare minimum, allowing them the time to take care of other core areas of business.

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Project Management as the Client's Representative

As Client’s Representative, a PMC (Project Management Consultant) provides comprehensive management and coordination of all project activities at all stages of development; starting from pre-development, pre-construction, development & construction and post-construction.

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Role of PMC (Project Management Consultants) in Construction Industry

 The construction industry generally deals with the various types of construction sectors viz Real Estate & Infrastructure. Real Estate Sector is segmented in Residential, Industrial, Corporate, and Commercial. Whereas Infrastructure sector in Roads, Railways, Urban Infrastructures, Ports, Airports and Power. 

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