Safety Has No Holiday

This communication is to share the importance of supervision in effective safety management system in construction industry.

Even though fall of person / material from height is the biggest challenge and about 40% violations recorded on this account however inadequate passive protections, controls, failure to provide preventive safety equipment’s or   removing of such equipment’s, sub-standard materials etc. are repeat violations and unless stopped the probability will  remain as concern.

Prevention of incident is highly possible if hazard & risk involved in respective activity is communicated and verified by immediate supervisor of workmen. Effective supervision helps to ensure / minimize the severity & Probability together while safely execution at site. This is possible through processes of risk mitigation as below:

Hierarchies of safety controls shall be followed:
1st Step Elimination / Substitution If practicable,Eliminate the hazards altogether, or combat the risk at
source For example ・ Use a safe substance instead of dangerous one
2nd Step Engineering controls Machine guarding,proper platforms, Acoustic enclosures, automation
instead of manual operations
3rd Step Administrative controls Work permit systems,Barricading, Limited access,providing training,
display of signage’s etc.
4th Step Personal Protective
Equipment’s (PPEs)
If hazard cannot be avoided,protect yourself (It’s a last tool)

Many incidents experienced across construction industries where basic safety rules were ignored, bypass or removed safety equipment’s, working in Holiday, poor supervision for small / regular activities resulted into an unfortunate event of fall of person from height. In some cases person falls whereas in some cases the worker found arrested in  such preventive safety equipment minimizing the severity because of training and awareness of supervisor.

Few things shall be kept in mind if planning of Holiday Activities / Odd Working hours
1. Pre-planning of work on previous day and  Communication between all concern- Client, PMC, Contractors & sub-contractors site.
2. Permit to work by authorized PMC staff after  inspection of preparedness & safety at work location .
3 Method statement and Risk Assessments as per  work instructions and Guidelines.
4. Site Engineer is informed about activity.
5. Availability of Engineer/ supervisor from PMC at site.
6. Availability of Contractors tower/area in charge at site.
7.Availability of Engineer/ supervisor from Contractors.
8.Availability of safety officer from contractor & PMC.
9.Safety is informed one day in advance.
10.Intermediate supervision by Safety Manager.
11.Tool box talk conducted for workmen’s / Gang.

Support services required otherwise avoid work on Holidays / Odd working hours
1. First aider availability .
2. Firefighting preparedness.
3. Ambulance/ emergency vehicle .
4. Competent Electrician.
5. Security check for access control.
6. Work place / area Illumination.
7. Adequate access / egress.
8. Authorized / Operating staff in case cranes, hoists required.


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