Basic Check Point that to be considered while Hoist inspection

  1. Winch is identified & numbered.
  2. Safe Working Limit is Marked on Winch & Hook.
  3. Hook are not Damaged & Safety Latch is available.
  4. Damaged Wire rope -Kinked, Wear, Broken wire shall be replace                                                                                                                                                              hoist1
  5. Wire rope & other parts must be lubricated.
  6. Wire rope installed for winch is safely route and with obstruction or rubbing
  7. Sheaves Pulleys is in good condition.
  8. Safety guards are installed properly.
  9. Operating lever is return to Neutral when released.
  10. Hoist limit switch (Over travel trip) is provided & functioning.
  11. Mechanical Breaks are adequately rated for SWL.
  12. Electrical Breaks are adequately rated for SWL.
  13. Auto Brakes functioning on loss of power supply.
  14. Power cable used is of correct type & size for Winch.
  15. Power cable is properly terminated and Winch is effectively earthed.
  16. Electrical Isolation panel is proper & ELCB is provided for Emergency trip.
  17. Operating Instruction & Signs Displayed - to check fail safe brake application before use.                               
  18. Tested and certified by third party and certificate is displayed.
  19. Winch operator is authorized & trained personnel.                                                                                                                                                                                  hoist2
  20. Operator setting / Cabin is proper and clean.
  21. SIGNALLING - Operating levers clearly labeled.
  22. Effective communication systems is established.
  23. At each landing Temporary gates are provided.
  24. Limit Switches are available at top & functioning to restrict over hoisting of buckets.
  25. Support of Builder Hoist Mast is taken through permanent structure.
  26. While Hoist Operations –No Unusual Noise & Jerky Motion.
  27. All electric motors conforming to IS 325 and suitable ON/OFF switch is provided.
  28. Emergency switches with protection through MCB /ELCB/RCCB.
  29. In case of diesel engine confirm recommendation as per IS 10001.
  30. Hoist is marked with manufacturer name, machine Sr. no., Engine Capacity, Capacity of Hoist (kg, no of bags etc..), year of manufacturer, rope dia, and weight of bucket etc...
  31. Overhead protections for winch operator is provided.   



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