Knowledge Sharing –Safe Hoisting

In Construction industry more than 70 % of man power involved in manual handling in which builder hoist play very important role. Hoists are being used to shifting of bricks, Cement, Sand etc… from lower level at construction site particularly in Real Estate.

Hoisting operation communication is the biggest challenge, and this is because of dissimilarity of elevation of loading and unloading point with blind vision to operator, clear communication is very important/ must. To overcome this issue numbers of technique are introduced and available like walky-talky, phone, electric bell with proper training, as most of this operation are handled by combination of semiskilled & unskilled workers.

Many incidents experienced across industries where system of electrical signaling /communication was bypass by poor physical hand signaling system, which is not effective in different elevation with blind vision, resulting into an unfortunate event of fall of person. Some cases person fall whereas in some cases the worker found arrested by full body safety harness. This is because of education and awareness of worker where to anchor the safety harness and save his life. Prevention of such incident is highly possible if maintenance & inspection of communication system has been verified by site team





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