Cost Management for the Pizza Express restaurants @ The Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj & Gurgaon

The popular high street chain (with over 400 restaurants in Europe, Asia and the Middle East) is brought to India in a joint venture by UK based Pizza Express and Bharti group fronted by Rakesh Mittal’s elder son Ramit Mittal. Masters, associated with the outlets in Delhi, as a PMC also undertook Cost Management as a part of their overall responsibility on the projects.


Founder Peter Boizot, brought real Italian pizza to the UK in 1965. Today, PizzaExpress is a much loved brand, all over the world, and now in India. Dine-in Restaurants offer a complete PizzaExpress experience. All restaurants have spacious sit-down dining area and a separate ‘theme’ for every outlet, which makes each of them unique in ambience. With an area of 2500-4000 sq. ft., these restaurants are present in places with a good mix of local and floating population, in malls & multiplexes and close to offices & residences. These restaurants offer complete experience full of fun, food and relaxation.

Every outlet, which comes with a separate theme, is designed in a unique way creating interesting design features using local elements. The local Architects create a concept which is then approved by the Pizza Express, UK before further Design and Development.

With too many parties involved for a decision making process, right from design stage up to it get’s operational, a strong PMC is a necessitate to ensure that the project meets with all its requisites including time and quality. Masters, as a PMC for Pizza Express’ outlets in Delhi, did exactly that!! Masters other than a PMC, also played the role of a Cost Manager on the project which helped the project completion not only in time but also in budget!

 Here, we will talk about Masters Involvement in the project as Cost Managers:


“Masters believe that Cost Management is to add value by assisting our clients to maximise returns on their investment”.

 Masters team of experts understands that effective cost management is critical to the success and performance of the Project. We deliver independent and active cost management services and advice by balancing the frequently conflicting requirements of cost, quality, time, and risk. Our Cost Management team’s consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals having worked on various kinds and nature of projects, ranging from residential to commercial to hotels to such small but most challenging nature of fit-out assignments.

Pizza Express outlets, as they are very fast moving projects, our approach to catch the project requirements in terms of cost element was to track and monitor the cost on daily basis and raise the red flag when there is time for course correction ensuring that the project stays on track!! As approvals were a longer process since they were to be obtained from UK, our teams had to be, at all times, up and running keeping enough (!!) approval time in hand from an already tight schedule!

As Project Managers, we do know, payments in time to vendors = happy vendors = faster work within quality! Therefore, our teams remained on toes to certify vendor payments within 12 hrs to ensure cash flow to the vendors is nonstop, thus enabling project to remain on track!

 From a Cost Management perspective, Masters was involved in following activities for Client’s Pizza Express outlets @ The Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj & Gurgaon:

  1.  Cost Planning
  2.  Value Engineering to optimize the cost without affecting the aesthetics or performance
  3.  Quantity Surveying
  4. Procurement Advice & Tender Preparation
  5. Contractor Appraisal & Selection
  6. Contract Management
  7. Cash Flow Forecasting
  8. Change Control & Reporting
  9. Project & Fund Monitoring Dispute Resolution
  10. Final Account Calculation













·         Contract Management

·         Cash Flow Forecasting

·         Change Control & Reporting

·         Project & Fund Monitoring Dispute Resolution

·         Final Account Calculation


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