Safety Has No Holiday - A Case Study !

A group workers (helper category) of Sub-contractor were assigned the job of housekeeping in under construction Tower on Sunday at about 8:00 am by main contractor. Injured Person was working alone in OTS shaft for debris removal, while accessing the chajja at other side of OTS the victim lost balance and had fall at about 8.40am from 2nd floor level (approx. 5.15 mt from gr floor) leading to right leg & right hand mid fingure fracture & minor cuts & scratches on face. Injured Person was wearing his all PPE's safety helmet, safety shoes and safety harness, however he didn't anchor his harness and hence there was free fall to ground. Also the primary protection safety net at first floor level OTS was partly left open by the victim after cleaning of the debris and hence could not arrest the person from free fall.

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Safety Has No Holiday

This communication is to share the importance of supervision in effective safety management system in construction industry.

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